Movement Tip: The Clean

CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart demonstrates the clean, which is the first of a two part Olympic Lift, the Clean and Jerk. When done correctly, this is a highly skilled movement to the point of being a wonderful combination of art and science. It is worth spending time to perfect the various components of this movement before working on the full movement of the Clean. These components include: – The Front Squat – Using hip extension to ‘throw’ the bar rather than arms to ‘pull’ the bar, although it can be quite confusing when we talk about the pulls – The shrug and resisting the urge to use your arms Once your components are solid, putting them together is fairly straightforward and just a matter of timing.

Points Of Performance

  • Stand on feet with hip-width apart
  • Hands about one thumb’s distance from hips
  • Hook grip on the bar until rack position
  • Shoulders slightly in front of the bar at set-up
  • Lumbar curve maintained
  • Hips and shoulders rise at the same rate
  • Hips extrend rapidly
  • Heels down until hips and legs extend
  • Shoulders shrug, followed by a pull under with the arms
  • Bar is received at the bottom of a front squat
  • Complete at full hip and knee extension with the bar in the front rack position

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